Alliance Innovation Center

The Alliance Cluster Management Ltd. has been operating the Alliance Innovation Center in Veszprem since April 2013. The center provides for members a site for project development.


The Alliance Innovation Centre is situated in a two storey concrete block building with a floor area of 1 786 m2. The building was built in 1983 and renovated in 2003 and in 2013. The building has computer and communications networks, as well as WIFI. Reception, video surveillance system, alarm system, guarding-protection and high-bandwidth server room complete the service. Parking is possible for 50 cars.


The event hall is suitable for 100-120 persons and is used for cluster members meetings, and there are plans for organizing here international conferences as well.


The Alliance Innovation Centre was the site of development projects: Combit Corp. implemented here three big projects, the Apertech Ltd. two projects, and the Albacomp RI Ltd., the RD Systems Inc. and the Smart Electronic APC Eurolog Ltd. one project each. In order to support the development projects a sound-proofed 'deaf' room was built, where professional audio recording devices operate. By the new proposals within GINOP tender invitation seven member companies and 17 non-member companies stated in their applications the Alliance Innovation Centre as site of the projects.




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