Completed joint project: MMATT

Mobile MULTIMedia Based Knowledge Transfer

The objective of the project is to develop a complex, multimedia based education toolkit. Unlike functionally fragmented programs and services on the market, it provides a concentrated, 21st Century Solution for teachers, students, companies, training organizations, higher, and adult education institutions, even for multinational companies and clusters. Its modules combine didactical solutions for video based v-learning, for game based learning (GBL) on mobile devices, and for online education in general. The modules provide templates and a complete toolkit for the techniques of next generation learning. Its video module is capable of making video records that are syncronized automatically with presentations and complementary materials. They can be used for individual or collaborative learning, for documentation or marketing purposes. The knowledge management tools of the system can serve for knowledge sharing and transfer within and among companies in addition to their educational use.

The service uses the logic of cloud computing. It runs in a central server park, thus the user does not have to install the services. Instead, he or she can use it online in a web browser.

The central server park can entirely be clustered in order to assemble the toolkit and the relevant resources according to different kinds of usage. The services support content and resource sharing; growing demands for resources can be satisfied easily in a flexible way, even by modules. The user interface is compatible with the most commonly used browsers. Since the system is displayed by a browser, it can be used on different operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.
The learning environment of MMATT will render services that can be used online in the classroom, in study groups, that can share and adapt learning and teaching patterns within the framework of cross-border learning and research cooperation, thus contributing to international collaboration.
Its toolset, optimized for smart phones and tablets with touch screens, supports preparation for higher, as well as for further education, and groups of special learning needs. Knowledge owners can share their digital content creations in learning communities; obtain an environment for developing them further in user groups editing content that helps to overcome critical problems and assists carrier development with tests and mobile accessible course materials.


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